About Us

GS Agri is a privately owned Agricultural Recruitment Agency based in Tara, Co Meath. It is our goal to provide top class workers across all areas of agriculture Ireland wide. Through partnerships with Europe’s top Agriculture college/universities GS Agri matches Jobseekers with agricultural positions through a screening process to ensure that employees match our client’s needs. GS Agri is confident that we can supply our clients with staff who are not only competent but who are also safety conscious. From sun up to sun down, GS Agri is ready to lend a helping hand to find that perfect rural job in an industry that has the most unique and awe-inspiring workplaces in the country.

Mission Statement

The fundamental aim of GS Agri is to provide labourers to the agricultural and horticultural sector in Ireland. Here at GS Agri it is our initiative to provide an affordable, educated labour force to the most extensive pillar of the Irish economy. The agriculture sector in Ireland has always been our most dominant and the inaccessibility of staff to farmers in Ireland is having a detrimental effect on our economy.

What GS Agri is responsible for is establishing a network with many European Universities. Having done this, we can now provide farmers with candidates who are well educated, trained and specialised in particular areas of expertise such as the dairy industry, the mushroom industry and many more. The staff that are provided to Irish businesses are well equipped and proficient in what they are being recruited to do. The employees who have been chosen to enter farms in Ireland have been carefully selected and are placed where they are most suitable.

Our company’s purpose is to provide affordable recruitment solutions to the agricultural and horticultural sector in Ireland. We have a business that is results driven and is people centred. The primary goal of GS Agri is to alleviate the stresses and burdens that many farmers face on a daily basis due to a labour shortage in Ireland by providing a high quality and capable work force. We believe that we are the solution.