Success Stories

Miheala: Tulcea, Romania

My journey to Ireland was the best decision I ever made. After hearing the presentation GS Agri Recruitment made at my University I decided to make the move as there was a lot on offer for me.

The job that interested me the most was mushroom harvesting. After my interview with GS Agri Recruitment I thankfully got the job after the screening process. Everything was organised and ready for me when I arrived in Dublin. Accommodation, PPS Appointment, all of my work clothes, they even brought me for lunch! I have been working at Mc Kenna Mushrooms now for the last 6 months and I am really enjoying my job as there are lots of different nationalities and everyone is really friendly. Working with people from a range of different backgrounds has been challenging but very invaluable to me as I have learned to be a good team member and also to value the opinions of all my colleagues. As well as all the people I have met I am also getting a huge sense of job satisfaction as I have learned new growing techniques that have allowed me as a harvester to pick better quality mushrooms and as a result of that earn more money.

Working at Mc Kenna Mushrooms has been a wonderful experience for me so far. The management team here are very employee centred and value and appreciate all our opinions and suggestions. They try their best to make the system work better and benefit everyone.

I’m living in Navan, Co. Meath. It is ten minutes away from work and it is a very nice town. There are lots of shops and places to visit in my free time.

Andrei: Hunedoara, Romania

Hi my name is Andrei. I am from Romania. I chose GS Agri Recruitment Ltd to find my job as a dairy farm worker in Ireland. The whole experience was very positive for me persoanlly. GS Agri really helped in making my move to Ireland stress-free and the transition was very easy. Before I came to Ireland I had information on where I was going to be working. The team had sent me pictures of the farm where I would be spending my time working and where I would be living prior to me leaving Romania. They picked me up from the airport got my bank account opened straight away and then they brought me to my new job where I am now working for the last year as a dairy farm worker. I am glad I selected GS Agri Recruitment as I am now earning a nice salary and thinking of moving my family here in Ireland very soon.